Making you event happier,
one bite-size cupcake at a time.

How can I help you?


Are you looking for something different for a Wedding, birthday, corporate event or simply want a treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without hundreds of calories? Are you dairy and egg intolerant? Are you vegan? Then our miniature cupcakes are the perfect addition to your occasion. They are super cute bite-sizes and you won't feel guilty after eating them.


All of our cupcakes are completely dairy free and egg free, meaning they are suitable for everyone: those with allergies, vegans and non-vegans. Don't be scared to try them if you haven't tried any vegan cupcake. Many of our customers are not vegan. You can rest assured you won't notice the difference. Why? Because they are handmade with a lot of dedication and passion for baking. We use natural and fresh ingredients, no preservatives and the result is moist cupcakes that are full of flavour. Not to mention they look adorable!

Who is Miss Apple?


Hi! My real name is Karen, born in Brazil and Miss Apple is a nickname I gave to myself in my teens when I first started using internet back in the day. My friends started using it to call me and in 2009, I decided to use it to name my first blog, Miss Apple's Sweets. At this time, I was living in New York City (the Big Apple) which I loved it very much. So, it is not a coincidence that I have an apple tattooed on my left shoulder lol.


Boy eating cupcake

Why so tiny?


I get this question a lot! Well, I've always had a sweet tooth and passion for baking. I love cupcakes, but the regular sized cupcakes have always made me feel overwhelmed when I finished eating one. If I didn't like a flavour, I wasn't able to try another without feeling guilty (the calories!) and too full.


Another reason is that I am passionate about miniatures since I was a child. I used to make mini zoos with mini origami animals for school projects and was obsessed with tiny accessories for dolls and tiny toys. Last Christmas I gave myself miniature pocket dolls because they were on sale and they are the tiniest things I have ever seen so far in terms of dolls! And when I play cars with my son, I choose his tiniest little car! 


So, when I decided to make cupcakes as a (tiny) business, I thought "Why not put the two together? If I feel this way, I am sure other people out there feel the same." If the cupcakes are tiny, we can try a few different flavours and have just enough to satisfy the cravings. It's all about balance and moderation.

Why vegan?


Miss Apple's Mini Bakery became a vegan business in 2019. I have been vegetarian since 1st January 2019 as a first step to become vegan. In May, I relaunched Miss Apple's Sweets (former busines name) as a vegan mini bakery to help me and others with our personal journey to veganism so we don't miss out on anything.


Everything I use in my business is cruelty-free, so no eggs, no dairy or other products derived from animals. I experiment and test my recipes until I get them perfect. My non-vegan customers are always happy and impressed too, as you can't notice the difference, except that they are tiny and exploding with flavours.


What are Brigadeiros? 

BRIGADEIRO is a silky scrumptious bite-size Brazilian chocolate sweet and is our favourite treat. Its ingredients (the base is condensed milk instead of cream), preparing methods, taste, consistency and texture are different. Brigadeiro‘s traditional way of being presented is as a chocolaty ball covered with chocolate sprinkles, but in the past years, it has been developed into a GOURMET style and it can be found in a variety of flavours and toppings.

And of course, I had to VEGANISE them! My version of the Brigadeiros are completely dairy free and egg free, so suitable for those with allergies too.


A sweet little delicacy from Brazil, handmade with fresh and the finest ingredients without any preservatives all made to order. A must in every party such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events and any other celebration. 

Just as my cupcakes, my Brigadeiros are made from scratch with a lot of love, patience (it takes a long time to cook them) and are hand rolled one by one for you, just the way we learned in Brazil when we were kids.